Splunk Machine Data Search Engine Beta

Rated /5

Splunk’s new search technology lets you navigate constantly changing machine data—logs, configuration files, messages, and database transactions. From one place, you can figure out what’s going on and troubleshoot problems when they occur. Now systems administrators, support staff, and developers can diagnose and resolve problems faster and more precisely by reverse engineering system and application logic and following the trail of any transaction on the fly.

The Splunk Server organizes and makes sense of any type of machine data including Web servers, application servers, email servers, databases, and network devices. We’ve invented powerful algorithms that dynamically discover event relationships across diverse domains of machine data and build a searchable web of events to trace the real behavior of running systems.

Splunk’s utility and ease of use make it applicable to a wide range of situations including distributed enterprise applications, on-demand services, messaging, customer support, and IP telephony and VoIP. System administrators, support staff, and developers are finding new uses for Splunk everyday.

With the Splunk Server you can:

> Unlock the gold mine hiding in mountains of operational data.

> Increase uptime by speeding problem analysis and identification of root cause.

> Reduce the cost of incident response by allowing individuals to solve complex problems and enabling teams to share troubleshooting context.

> Allow you to extend it with Open Source modules, developer APIs, and help from the SplunkForge community.

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